Cook With Us:
A Journey into Cretan Cuisine

4h 30min 80€

Cooking Lesson

Join us for a day in our kitchen and discover the secrets of Cretan cuisine with our hands-on cooking experience!
Experience Overview
During our session, you’ll learn to cook using pure locally-sourced ingredients straight from our land and the hands of our farmers. From crisp vegetables to fragrant herbs, each element will impart the authentic flavors of Crete to your dishes.
What to Expect
As you immerse yourself in the cooking process, you’ll find the experience interactive, enjoyable, and educational. Our goal is to make cooking simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. You can sip your wine, cook along or even take control, the level of participation is up to you.
After the Session
By the end of our cooking experience, you’ll leave feeling confident and inspired to recreate traditional Cretan dishes for your loved ones. Share the time-honored flavors and culinary heritage of Crete with your family and friends back home, impressing them with the authentic tastes of our land.
Bonus Wine Tasting
As a special treat, we’ve also crafted a unique wine tasting journey for you. Explore our selection of dominant, indigenous varieties that will transport you to the heart of Cretan culture. Each label promises to surprise and delight, transforming your wine tasting into a precious and unforgettable experience.
Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure in the heart of Crete? Join us and let’s cook together!

  • 80€/person
  • min 2 people
  • 3h 30minutes
  • 5 wine labels
  • Vegan tasting platter
  • Hands -on cooking experience
  • Locally-sourced ingredients straight from our land
  • Interactive, enjoyable and educational session
  • Cooking made simple and accessible to everyone
  • Confidence to recreate traditional Cretan dishes at home
  • Bonus wine tasting featuring indigenous varieties
  • Cultural immersion in the heart of Crete