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Feriniki Douloufaki | Winemaker of DafWines Winery | Heraklion Crete

Fereniki Douloudaki, Winemaker

As an owner of Daf Wines Winery she was challenged at a very young age to keep up with the high standards of the FamilyWinery.

Winery Tours Experience is her personal contribution to her family legacy. She hosts the Winery Tours herself always trying to deliver more than what her guests signed up for and leave with a smile.


15€ / person

We have carefully designed a wine tasting experience that will travel you to our roots through dominant, indigenous varieties which will surprise you and transform each label into precious and unforgettable experience.

40€ / person

Embark on a culinary adventure with our wine pairing experience, where we pair authentic Cretan dishes with our finest wines.

From local cheeses to fresh vegetables and dishes infused with vineyard leaves, each bite enhances the flavors of our diverse wine selection.

80€ / person

Our purpose is to present you a simple cooking experience, interactive, pleasant and educational.
You will be offered fresh vegetables, herbs and other precious ingredients from local farmers.
After the cooking experience you will feel confident to prepare for your family and friends back home and impress them with traditional time-honored dishes and authentic tastes of Cretan Land.

150€ / person

in the vineyards, contains lunch
and Wine Tasting of 5 wines

Meeting point in Dafnes village
We meet the wine maker and the road trip begins through out the
landscapes of Dafnes consist of beautiful vineyards and olive trees.
The terroir of the area has small white hills with slopes at an altitude of 400
On the route we can see Kani Kastelli the bloody village with a long history.
Next to the village is Historic Rock.
A huge rock with great historical significance. Northwest, we arrive in our
private vineyards area called Afousa.